Aiven Group

Invest in TelSmart EV Charging

Business Models & Revenue Streams

Revenue Streams: We have a "four-legged stool of revenue," which includes:

Exists now: AIVEN Group and SCS per site/project construction for others, which will grow with existing and future customers (already generating millions of dollar in revenue annually).

Per charging event: EV Charging KwH revenue when our TelSmart EV Charging network is launched.

5G High Speed Wireless Internet: A private network "WISP" (Wireless Internet Service Provider) when our TelSmart EV Charging Network is launched.

DOOH (Digital Out of home) media / advertising per image/impression and per click advertising: Ads on EV Charging screens, standalone "kiosk" screens, and vehicle screens via our Wireless Network and our website for local, regional and national companies seeking to reach consumers. We will partner with media buying agencies to fill our "ad inventory".

We will also have access to the hundreds of billions of dollars available in federal and utility grants that can reimburse 50+% of approved sites' infrastructure costs.

Unique Advantages

Through our Patent Pending TelSmart solution, we provide more technology offerings than our perceived competitors do, which will attract consumers and site hosts. We can and will expand on our technology-based service offerings as our network and customer base grows.

Our multiple revenue sources will also allow us to see significant profits and deliver impressive ROI to our investors without having to wait for a specific number of charging stations and electric vehicles to reach the market.

Additionally, founder Kevin Flannery appeared on the first episode of Shark Tank. This will potentially draw the attention of Shark Tank fans and producers and create a buzz around AIVEN Group and TelSmart.

Why Invest?

Market Opportunity

Tens of billions of dollars are spent annually in the US alone on EV charging infrastructure build out. 5G Wireless Small Cell build out is also a multibillion-dollar annual business, and Digital Out of Home (DOOH) media/ advertising is growing rapidly. Our solution will generate revenue in each of these markets.


We have developed our Patent Pending /Trademarked: Multi Technology TelSmart EV Charging network and are in negotiations for a large site pilot program. The US and countries across the globe are pushing for rapid growth with Fast EV Charging.

Competitive Advantages

Our TelSmart solution offers fast EV charging, 5G High Speed Wireless Internet, and Digital Out of Home media advertising, while other companies offer these as standalone only features. These multiple revenue streams also enable fast profits and impressive ROI.

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